So Who are we anyway?

Califon - Where's That?

Physio Body Holistics was born from The Acropolis - Remember the Acropolis in Greece it was a community on Mt. Olympus that offered services like a small town. Physio Body Holistics is one of these community services that is trying to reach out and evolve into a unique alternative spa.

Offering Movement - Fitness - Body Therapy - Sauna - Steam - Water Therapy - Facials - Nutritional support - Handmade Body and Face products and Herbal Support Physio is reaching for the difference in health.

Physio's goal is to show you what an ancient healing center may have looked like in Greece and educate you as to why some of the greatest minds of time worked for these healing centers and great minds like Hippocrates supported them.

Keep close to watch the metamorphosis


Jennifer Cusmano

Jen Cusmano BCNMT

Jen, known by most for her innovation in massage therapy. She is a board certified neuromuscular therapist, working for 19 years.


The journey first began. Life as an art major was the plan. This quickly changed to match her true calling. Branching off to fitness and sciences, she realized this was what she loved to do. Along with instructing fitness classes in the Hunterdon, Morris and Somerset County Areas, she gained a passion for helping people as a NJ certified home health aide.


One short year flew by but Jen took the plunge and started her own personal training company, honing in on the califon area.


Jen began exploring somewhat with what she is most well known for today by many. Training in physiology and body therapies, studying biomechanics, and working with some local physical therapy centers, she began piecing the very complex puzzle of the human body, along with her fitness experience.


With 3 more years of business experience under her belt, she jumped to the next stepping stone. The Body Firm Fitness Company was born. There she grew her fitness business while training with a local power lifter for bodybuilding


She attended SSMT for neuromuscular therapy. This gave her some of the final necessary components to bring her to The Acropolis / Physio Body Holistics today.


Years passed but the exploration continued, all paths adding to the last but giving a fresh spin unlike any other. Her days of living and educating others on living a natural life began with her new home, a small farm in Long Valley, NJ. This allowed her to share her love for herbs, natural therapies, animals and simply, nature. Holistic Nutrition…Iridology…Naturopathy…all added one by one to her repertoire to prove this all can be incorporated into one big picture. She received degrees in all of these fascinating alternative subjects.


With a bachelors in Holistic Nutrition and a Doctorate in Naturopathy, she continued to grow. She had received an Advanced Certification in Holistic Iridology as a Diplomat with the infamous Dr. David Pesek, International Holistic Iridologist.


Jen continues her studies of nutrtitional balancing with Endomet Laboratoris and homeopathy with Deseret Biologicals as well as pursuing her studies in iridology which she is currently conducting a group study and its connection with the Neuromuscular system.  Physio Architecture is born and has been trademarked and Jen's Educational company The Acropolis Institute of Naturopathy is now on the path of creating Physio Architect's - A therapist that will be trained as she is with holistic and naturopathic intentions.  She is an avid beekeeper pursuing her farm’s apiary that feeds off of the lavender field tended to by her husband and herbs tended to by her and her daughters. 

Jen still has a strong passion for art and a love for Ancient Greece and Archeology. 

Appolonia Cusmano

Graduating from Artistic Institute in 2016 Appolonia is starting her career as an Esthetician at Physio, she will be continuing her studies in herbalism with the infamous David Winston to enhance her knowledge of natural product ingredient and expand her line of products Lunacy Botanicals.

She is also certified in MicroDermabrasion through Selective Esthetics a Silvie Archenaut ACEA School and Leg Contouring with the Euroduc. Appolonia continues her fitness education with PMA Pilates Mat Certification as well.

Her business in located at The Acropolis and will soon be offering an herbal line of products all natural and organic using the farm as her palette for the product line.

Her product line by Lunacy Botanicals includes hand made bath products, soaps, facial products, candles, scrubs oh and can't forget lavender - cut, dried and used in the products right from the farm. Come on over and visit.

Appolonia this past Summer of 2017 has started her Pre-Med journey in hopes to one day practice Licensed Naturopathic Medicine in Our Fantastic World.